Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Palin speech: moments later, my reaction

A 70%.

An A-.

A very good keynote speech but not the great speech. As John noted, a speech that was interestingly aimed more at the 4s and 5s (weak Republicans and base Republicans) rather then the 3s and 2s (Independents and weak Dems). Do GOP strategists really think that a base energising startegy a la 2004 will work when Dems outnumber Republicans as they now do?

It was an oddly schizophrenic speech at times: sometimes hopeful and inspiring (with TOP marks for her personal narrative and defence of family) but then some bizzarly partisan swipes at Obama - again, upsetting the 3s and 2s. And is the way to win in this economic climate really to threaten voters with the spectre of tax'n'spend Democrats who may grow government to help folks like you?

Lastly, let's be clear: it was political malpractice of the highest order for John McCain to walk on stage before what might have been as many as 30mn viewers and say no more then 2 lines. He had the audience and the opportunity but he couldn't deliver. The constant story of the McCain campaign.

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