Thursday, September 4, 2008

Palin: Chicago smiles

What we now know the Palin pick has acheived:
- Captured an extraordinary public audience of 37mn viewers (just shy of Obama's own viewership)
- Raised $10mn for McCain in 3 days
- Raised $1mn for McCain in the last 24hrs
- Raised at least $8mn for Obama in 24hrs
- Excited conservative supporters and commentators

What we now suspect the Palin pick has acheived:
- Upset the Independents?
- Energised Democrats still further?
- Introduced herself to a national audience as an overly-aggressive partisan?

In sum, referring back to the 1-5 scale of voters, I think McCain has energised the 5s (base GOPers) and shored up the 4s (weak GOPers) but at a cost to the 3s (Independents) and 2s (weak Dems) whilst firing up the 1s (base Dems): a pyhrric victory for McCain/Palin.

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