Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Omaha's 1 electoral vote: a plea from the bitter watches of the night...

Last night, I dreamed of a Survey USA poll of Nebraska's 2nd Congressional District. It had a sample size of 1,014 and had been conducted just for me and my blog. Alas, just before I was about to pour over the crosstabs I was wrenched back into the harsh reality of a world in which individual electoral vote districts fail to get the attention they so richly deserve.

Why the (now even nocturnal) fixation? Well, as mentioned repeatedly by myself, Chuck Todd and Marc Ambinder, Nebraska (which divides it's electoral votes) has the greater Omaha area Congressional District (NE-CD2) which should be very much in play. Alas, as First Read notes: "Has anyone seen any data out of that Omaha congressional district?"

The last attempt at a poll to my knowledge was Survey USA in May, who's internals' breakdown of the Congressional Districts of Nebraska left much to be desired.

Herewith I repeat yesterday's plea for any information on NE-2: from voter registration numbers to number of Obama and McCain field offices to local paper focus groups - heavens, even local paper focus groups would at least cast a slim candle of light on this darkness of data.

So if you have something decent on the state of the race in NE-2, PLEASE contact me. Rewards range from heartfelt gratitude to the possibility of a genuine shiny sixpence.

Thank you!


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John said...

I doubt fox news was part of your dream, but for what it is worth...


Here is a poll but it is about a month old