Monday, September 15, 2008

An afternoon in a UES bookshop is a dangerous thing...

I have just returned from one of my beloved book-buying expeditions with Christie (who's excellent blog thegirlswhoateeverything I commend to all epicurists and oenophiles) where I purchased the following spectrum of books:

I) The world as I should like it to be:
Audio versions of 'Dreams from my Father' & 'The Audacity of Hope' and the new Obama policy book'Change we can believe in'

II) The world as it is:
Woodward's latest must-read 'The War Within' and Robert Harris' enjoyable roman a clef nonsense novel about The-CIA-plot-behind-Tony-Blair's-memoirs, 'The Ghost'

III) The world after a McCain/Palin Adminstration

So armed, I shall now dive back into the realm of politik, thank you for your patience.

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