Wednesday, September 24, 2008

McCain's latest dice throw...

"How bad must it be when you decide that you are better off not even campaigning for President?" - Frank Spring

Say what you like about Team McCain, they certainly know how to shake things up. From Britney/Paris ads to picking Palin to 'taking command' of the economic crisis.

Why's he doing this:
In the short term, this will probbaly play to McCain's favour - allowing him to appear commanding on the crisis. Team Obama could call him out for playing politics but that seems hard given that they were the ones who first wanted a joint-response this morning. Long term, the crisis has reminded voters that the economy is the number 1 issue: that benefits the Democratic candidate, not the Republican one.

Does that mean that Obama should accept delaying the debate? I think not. Instead, Obama should accept a 24hr suspension, fly back to DC, negotiate a deal by lunchtime tommorow and do the debate Friday.

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DCDuck said...

A thought as well, I think Obama could easily call to switch the debate order and focus on the economy in debate number one.

But you're right, McCain felt that he had to shake things up, and that's what he's done. We'll see how it plays out.