Thursday, October 16, 2008

Coming soon: the RNC versus John McCain

With Obama expanding his attack into West Virginia and even Kentucky and McCain facing what 538 estimates is a 5% chance of victory, the RNC is pressed to do more then ever in terms of funding the flailing McCain candidacy But the RNC has broader responsibilities: to it's Senate, House and other down ballot candidates. So, when will the RNC give up on McCain and move to protect the Party's long term interests in the face of an all fronts Democratic assault?

With the Democrats nearing their filibuster-proof goal of 60 seats in the Senate, the RNC will find itself under particular pressure to protect GOPers in states like Georgia and Mississippi while McCain will need to focus on Florida and Ohio. Simply put, there will be a growing discrepancy between defending states that are in McCain's interests, and state's that are in the RNC's broader interests.

At what point will this boil over into open conflict? Will we be treated to McCain campaigning in Pennsylvania without air cover in the form of RNC ads whilst the RNC buys up air time in the deep South whilst their national candidates are miles away? For Democrats, perhaps the best is yet to come...

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