Friday, August 29, 2008

UPDATE: Questions for Governor Palin

- Is it true you've only met John McCain in person twice?
No – she only met McCain in person before she was chosen once.

- How many foriegn trips have you ever made?
Three: Kuwait, Germany and Ireland previously. She received her passport last year.

- How many trips to Iraq have you made?

- How many trips to Afghanistan have you made?

- When did you last meet with General Petreaus?
To the best of my googling, never – nor does she discuss Iraq matters with the head of the Alaska National Guard.

Still awaiting answers on:

- How many troops does the US have in Iraq?
- Who is the President of Russia?
- Should we admit the Ukraine into NATO?


Aoife said...

One of her trips abroad is to Ireland? That clearly makes her the best woman for the job!

Marcus A. Roberts said...

Alas Aoife, it turns out she only stopped in Ireland for refueling and did not even leave the plane. Still she counts it as her "third foriegn trip".