Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Tax Bites Dems - Again

The sound of inevitability

Alas, Tom Daschle, we hardly knew ye. Ditto Nancy Killefer. Congratulations to Tom Geithner, whose nomination matured to confirmation.
Readers will know what these three Obama Administration nominees have in common: their path from designate to office-holder took a turn for the rocky over issues to do with failing to pay tax. Daschle, the Health and Human Service Secretary nominee, withdraw his candidacy over the trouble, as did White House Chief Performance Officer-nominee Killefer. Geithner survived his spot of bother, and the Obama Administration has declared the matter closed.
It is not my intention to excuse or apologize for a failure to pay tax, but I submit this for your consideration: is it that high-level policy-wonk Dems, as a species, are fundamentally incapable of paying tax, or is there a systemic problem at work, perhaps to do with a tax code of such complexity that no one seems sure how long it really is?

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