Tuesday, January 20, 2009

January 20th, 2009

"Out of many we are one and while we breath, we hope." - Barack Obama

With language like this, oratory that soars in both heart and head, how can expectations for tomorrow be anything less then epic? And as they say in West Wing, when expectations are so high the only thing you can do is exceed them.

And so tonight, even as we worry over whether the stimulus is large enough, whether Afghanistan is intractable, whether Chuck Todd will ever again cover a campaign so perfect, we know that Obama will give a speech for the ages come tomorrow.

Lincoln's inaugurals. FDR's. JFK's. And now Obama's. We get to see history tomorrow and it will be both an honour and a privilege. With this in mind On Politik offers it's heartfelt thanks to the survivors of Gore 2000, Carnahan '02, Ohio for Kerry and Madrid for Congress: Our time for change has come.

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