Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The morning after the 8 years before...

America rises once more.

Here's how I think the next moves play out:

White House Chief of Staff: Rahm Emmanuel (the inspiration for Josh Lyman!)
Treasury Secretary: Paul Volcker
Defence Secretary (short term): Robert Gates
Secretary of State: Richard Lugar
Deputy Defence Secretary: Robert Danzig (Defence Secretary later)
National Security Advisor: Susan Rice
Secretary of Education: Colin Powell
Attorney General: Eric Holder
Health & Human Services: Tom Daschle 

In the Senate, Lieberman should be stripped of his committee seniority and may well leave the Democratic caucus. If Coleman holds on in MN I think I may well breathe a sigh of relief as the RNC won't be able to raise $4mn off every fundraising e-mail. As for Alaska, come off it. A convicted felon as a Senator? Even for 5 mins before he resigns? For heavens sake.

Oh, and I am still holding out hope for NE-2.


DCDuck said...

I'm very opposed to the idea of Lugar at State. I'm fed up in general, in fact, with the idea that we need Republicans to handle the foreign policy positions in a Democratic Administration. Republicans would never and have never done the reverse. There are good Democrats to fill these positions.

DCDuck said...

And let me throw out a couple of other possibiliites.

Transportation - Earl Blumenauer

Keith said...

Comment 1: a pint to JE next time I see him for (seemingly) calling every state correctly.

Comment 2: as says, I dream of Bruce Schneier for DHS.

That is all.